Freedom King


From 59 CHF / Day – Probably the most economic way to visit Switzerland and Europe

Our smart mini Camper category is called Freedom King. The motto is: Keep it simple. The large bed and economic vehicle make it finally possible to travel through our wonderful country without spending to much cash.

The vehicles offer 2 large drawers for your gear. As always you can leave your large bags at our rental station.

On top of the drawers you will find a 200×130 – 140 cm bed (210cm space). Wow that’s really large!


The Freedom King is equipped with a “QUQUQ Box”: double bed, gas stove and storage space.

Floorplan & Specs

cars_blueprints_freedomcamper_daciadokker_night cars_blueprints_freedomcamper_daciadokker_up_side cars_blueprints_freedomcamper_daciadookker_front_back

Furthermore our vehicle has:

-length 4.2 m
-Bed size: 200cm x 130-140cm
-payload 550 kg
-two rear wing doors standard
-Age: 2016/ 2017 modells
-partition separating loading from driving space
-instruments with adjustable lighting
-power steering
-radio / CD
-side impact protection
-safety steering column with collapsable steering wheel
-two head restraints
-three point seat belts
-Consumption: 5,2 – 7,2l
-Cigarette lighter



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